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With Squid, automation is all about making your life easier.

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1 Roll up your blinds from the comfort of your bed, programming them to sync with your morning routine. That sounds like one less thing to think about when you’re half asleep.

2 Heat the hot tub from your mobile. Feel like a soak after a long day? Get things started on your way home so it’s ready for you when you walk in the door. It couldn’t be easier.

3 Adjust the temperature from anywhere. And we mean anywhere. Heat or cool your home on your way home from work, never wasting energy while you’re out, or make small changes in degrees from any room in the house.

4 Powerful entertainment is always possible from your couch. You can control your sound system, dim the lights, and lower the blinds. Set the mood using your mobile.

5 Lock the doors from anywhere in the house. Or check in on your home from the office or when you’re on vacation so you can relax knowing your home is safe. Never worry you may have forgotten to lock up.

6 Turn lights on and off, dim them, change the mood, and get energy efficient all from your mobile, from anywhere.

7 Some mornings are just hectic. Easily close the garage door, lock the front door, and turn off the lights or the air conditioning from the road. Don’t stress about forgetting an important detail.

Why Automate?

Your home can be designed to respond to your lifestyle. Control everything from lights, temperature, garage doors, sound systems and door locks to sprinklers, cameras, coffee machines and hot tubs when you want, from anywhere. Feel safe, empowered, efficient, relief, calm, relaxed, content!

Explore your automation options!

Your home is filled with things that can be automated. You won’t even realize how many until you get started. Take advantage of today’s technology and bring simplicity to your life. Make things easier, your home more efficient and sustainable, and save some money. You’d be surprised what Squid can do for you.

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